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Introducing Brand Studio, where we love digital content!

Introducing Brand Studio, where we love digital content!

Specialising in Digital Content Creation for small businesses.

For a long time when someone asked me what I did for a living, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer.

I couldn’t quite narrow down what I wanted “to be” or to be known as. Having gained such a variety of skills and expertise over the years, I wanted to put them to good use. I was worried that offering all of these skill sets/services would be seen as diluting my ability in each. This meant that I could never quite decide which part of me to promote and to whom. Being a freelancer using different skill sets for different clients meant I wasn’t really building one specific career path. I knew that creating digital content for small businesses was something I loved to do though.

The one thing that the pandemic has given me is time. Time to slow down, to stop, to plan, and to think about how to put my best foot forward. (and plenty of time to paint the garden fence).

I have had the idea of Brand Studio building in my mind for close to a year now. The toughest part was trying to figure out what I wanted it to be known as. Brand Studio wasn’t just a marketing, web design, or graphic design agency. I wanted my skills as a photographer, writer, publisher and editor to be put to good use but didn’t know what “agency” everything would fall under. Yet I still had the fear of offering every skill I love to use as a service incase my ability in each would be questioned. (Imposter syndrome is alive and well, but I think I reigned it in a bit!)

Once I got over all of that unhelpful fear, Brand Studio as a Media Management House was born.

Not only do I have the skills in the services I offer, now i’m not afraid to use them! But more than that, the biggest reason I set up Brand Studio is so that I can work with other creative freelancers. I want to refer work to as many freelancers as possible. Freelancing can be lonely and marketing yourself can be expensive and difficult. When I looked at my background and realised that the biggest thing I have done across the board was project manage, it gave me the idea to bring together and coordinate the right people for the right job. If a client comes to me, not only do I have the understanding of what they need, I have the understanding of the freelancers too. I know that I can offer an amazing service while also supporting the little guys!

I have big dreams for what Brand Studio can grow into and I can’t wait to continue to grow the community of freelancers that I am already building.

So whether I am helping you with your social media strategy, creating your new branding, writing your website content, photographing your products, or editing and proofing your book (yes I can actually do this!); or referring work to reliable and trusted freelancers to do all of the above; just know that I do this with so much excitement and confidence in returning a wonderful service, and every hour of work you send my way is more appreciated than you will ever realise.


P.s I know the picture of a typewriter is a little bit ironic, but you also can’t beat putting pen to paper. It’s usually how all of my digital content starts out!

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