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My New Weekly Routine

My New Weekly Routine

A quick hello and check in, and the start to my new weekly routine!

Every week I am hoping to do a check in on a Monday on Instagram and Facebook and tell you what i’ll be working on that week. It’s partially to help people know what I do as my work for different clients can change from one project to the next, but also a way to make sure I hold myself accountable, and to start my week as productively as possible.

I know it’s strange and unsettling times for everyone so any bit of structure or routine we can introduce to our days will help us get through another lockdown. Even if that is scheduled nap time, Netflix time, and eating time! Now is not the time to be putting unnecessary pressures on ourselves to be overly productive, but even introducing a simple schedule to our days will help us cope with the uncertainty. I want to make sure that I show up to work with more of a plan and structure in place so my new weekly routine is helping me to do that. If I really don’t feel motivated or inspired to write I still show up, even for a little while and try to tick one thing off my to-do list. Just one, that’s all you need to do each day.

Generally I will sit down and figure out what I need to accomplish in the week ahead; then I break those down into smaller, bite-sized chunks of manageable workloads! Otherwise I would just be too overwhelmed by the amount on my plate. (Yet sit me down in front of actual food and a full plate is never overwhelming!)

This week I’m working on:

? My own business (whaat??)

? Blog Posts

? Website Content

? Social Strategy

? Content Creation

You can find the video I did on my IGTV and Facebook pages and as always, any likes, comments and shares help my little page to reach more people.

Hope you are having a nice week and are being kind to yourself.


If you are looking for any of the services mentioned above or have any other queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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